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I was born and raised very close to photography. My father and my uncle, and my grandfather before them, made their own lives an endless snapshot, they simply chose to be happy by following the art of photography. Following their passion.

I was born in 1977 and started taking pictures when I was 10. While my friends played football I spent a lot of time capturing images with a camera that my paternal grandfather gifted me.

It was magical, from that moment the whole world I knew could have been seen through my camera lenses. At fourteen I started to work with my father and my uncle. As a young assistant I had the opportunity to be with them during many events and projects and thanks to them I learned a lot.

With the camera in my hands I felt complete and photography became an insatiable passion and a way to show and preserve the culture, the life, the details and the wonders that I observe around me.

It is a space of introspection and study through which I know myself and I reflect on my own experiences. For a few years now I’ve been mainly using digital, even though most of my photographic experiences was supported by Hasselblad analog cameras in square format.

At 21 I started working as a photographer in TV series.

That experience brought me closer to cinema and to the role of camera operator. Today my professional life is divided between cinema and photography, image in movement and still image, always looking for stories to tell.