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My interest is mainly focused on nature, on man and his stories, on the spaces that he lives and which he transforms with his work.

I am looking for a connection between past and present, between nature and man’s intervention on it.

Mine is a sometimes nostalgic look at a past life of which I look for objects and testimonies, a life that for rhythms and values strongly clashes with modern society. Transformation and change are my guiding themes.

To make these ideas visible, I look for broad views or details that are often of little consequence in the eyes of many.

My research takes place above all in my country, Italy which with its territory and its traditions has shaped my sensitivity.

Through my images I try to create a memory in the viewer and make him participate in my sensations so that the visual experience can induce him to reflect and ask questions about himself and about life, perhaps discovering an immense and fragile beauty in what he surrounds.