Big olive tree

The Great Seniors


See me for the first time in a field of millenary Olive trees was an experience for me exciting and evocative.

As a child my grandfather taught me to love and respect nature, in his company I often went to the country to reap the fruits of our trees. I have a vivid and pleasant memories of the period of the olive harvest. The whole family gathered for this autumn event. It was a very convivial moment of great work and, for me, deep fun. The whole collective effort culminated in sampling the new extra virgin olive oil eating delicious bruschetta, all of us, around the fireplace.

I have always been fascinated by the slow growth of all plants. Today, finding myself in front of the millenary Olive trees, I realize how much love and dedication they have received from the farmers who, through the centuries, have come and gone in following them and treat them; their gnarled trunks stimulate the imagination, seem to unleash ancient forces, enclose the old faces and bodies in motion.

They have accompanied the history of humanity, and are also the testimony of the Mediterranean food culture. The oil that is still produced from their olives is the basis of a healthy diet.

My project, The Great Seniors, comes from the need to testify and defend this heritage given us by nature and by the wisdom of the men who have respected it.

Images and prints

- Images on this website are available as limited edition prints.

- Each edition is limited to just 8 prints for each size.

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- Rectangular photos are printed within the three formats used for squared pictures.

- Images are printed on demand and are inspected, signed, dated and numbered by Chris  Giordanella

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Class of 1977, I was born and grew up very close to photography, it runs in the family… I could do anything in my life but I could be only a photographer.
My father and my uncle, and my grandfather before them, made their life an incessant snap-shot, they just chose to be happy following photography art.
I began taking pictures at 10, while other kids started to kick a ball my grandfather gave me a compact camera. It was magic, from that moment all the world I knew was seen through those lens.
When I was fourteen everything changed. I started to work with my dad and my uncle. As young assistant I had the chance to be with them during a lot of events and projects. With my camera I felt complete and photography became an insatiable passion, which completed at 18 years old, when I learned to develop a film.

My job

At 21 I started working as stills photographer for some fictions produced by RAI. That experience gave me the opportunity to get closer to cinematographer role. I understood how attractive that profession was and I moved towards obtaining that position. In the last 15 years I’ve held a lot of jobs in camera department: from loader to camera assistant, until getting my current job as camera operator.

Have a look at my cinematographic works: Chris Giordanella - IMDb

My art

In the last years I’ve got so close to digital photography to focus most of my works on commision on that, especially those concerning ceremonies, commercial pictures and portraits. I have to be honest, even if digital sensors are almost perfect, I still use black and white film in medium-format for my personal projects.
My favorite camera is manual Hasselblad that lets you create pictures in square format. With this amazing tool in 2006 I made one of my dearest photo feature ever, from Piazza del Campo in Siena.

My passions

I love trekking and mountain. In 2010 this passion turned into a photographic project named Dolomia, destined to immortalize the magnificence and the beauty of Dolomites.
After all nature has always belonged to my life. Since I was a little kid, I have learned to respect and love the environment thanks to the stories and the teachings of my grandfather. I grew up in the countryside, in a territory characterized by wide plantations of beautiful and luxuriant olive trees.

In 2012 I have begun "The Great Seniors", a project to pay homage to these millennial beings that go along the history of the human kind.

In my spare time, even if it’s not so much, I love being in contact with nature, the same I adore photographing, reading a book under the shadow of a tree, going around villages to discover new breath-taking views. My job is still my greatest passion. They may say I never stop working, perhaps it is true, but it’s the only way I know to reload myself.

Chris Giordanella